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Successful Cases

Criminal Prosecution

* Located 4 fugitive felons that fled California. Each were involved in a major violent sex crime attack. All
   were found guilty and sent to prison
* Found evidence and proved a man was fraudulently obtaining insurance benefits. Prosecuted and
* Identified, located and reported a man who had been stalking a celebrity in Woodland Hills

Insurance Exposure

* Assisted in a take nothing award on a murder case, where the victim was found to have actually caused
   his own death
* Worked another take nothing case on a fraudulent slip and fall case
* Investigation of another case, where an employee was killed by a co-worker and proved the issue and
   motive were not work related
* Proved a worker killed in an auto accident was not in the scope of his employment at the time of the
* Provided video tape evidence leading to a dropping of all injury claims filed by a government employee
* Found proof that a school employee had falsified a robbery and assault claim, leading to the dropping of
   the claims and criminal prosecution
* Obtained statements in Modesto of associates of a man disputing his under oath testimony of an
   occurrence, leading to perjury charges
* Obtained video tape in Porterville of a truck driver competing in a series of rodeo events, while at the
   same time claiming total disability
* Proved employee's alleged injuries actually resulted from fight with police

Service of Process

* Served Summons and other documents on major celebrity in Beverly Hills
* Ran stakeout and served papers on television personality in Malibu
* Served papers on several persons hiding in rural areas and using alias names in Madera, Fresno, Merced,
   Tulare, Kern and Los Angeles
* Served papers on a Federal prisoner in Louisiana, while he was being transported between courts

Criminal Defense

* Provided evidence and located expert witness allowing dismissal of a weapons case in Fresno County
* Confirmed evidence and re-created crime scene resulting in murder charges being reduced for client in San
   Bernardino County
* Successfully worked the defense on a Attempted Murder case in Reedley and Parlier, resulting in an
   acquittal on all charges
* Proved a man arrested for First Degree Murder was not at the scene and had all charges dropped in North
* Worked a First Degree Murder case and discovered enough evidence to cause the jury to be deadlocked in
* Located witnesses on an Armed Robbery case in Fresno, each of which provided evidence to allow those
   charges to be dropped
* Defended man accused of seven animal related felonies in Madera County, all felony charges were
* Proved a man charged with several sex related felonies was not the suspect that committed the crime. All
   charges dropped
* Located witnesses on an assault and battery case in Tracy. Their information led to all charges being
* Part of defense team in a Bakersfield Federal Terrorism case. Defendant found not guilty on all charges
* Interviewed jurors resulting in successful motion for new trial and eventual dismissal of felony conviction in

Family Law

* Proved a custodial parent was operating a prostitution operation and allowed the other parent to have full
   custody in San Diego
* Located a fugitive parent, isolated the child and allowed the custodial parent from out of California to take
   the child home
* Determined the whereabouts of a fugitive parent in Texas. Informed authorities, parent was arrested and
   child returned home
* Located several Los Angeles county criminal and serious civil cases for a European client, which assisted
   her London child custody case
* Found three missing Modesto children being held by fugitive parent in Colorado. Children were returned to
   the custodial parent

Locate Investigations

* Found a man missing for 10 years in the Sierra Nevada mountains
* Reunited a mother an daughter separated for 26 years, since birth
* Found all 9 classmates of a Tulare, California elementary school for their 50th reunion
* Reunited a mother and daughter separated for 16 years in Stockton
* Found a man and reunited him with his ex-wife after 28 years in Clovis
* Located a mother of a woman missing for 23 years in time for the grandchild’s birth in Coalinga
* Located a terminally ill elderly woman’s daughter so they could be spend the last days together Oakhurst
* Found and safely returned a man suffering from dementia to his family in Bakersfield
* Located several witnesses to a series of crimes that had occurred over 25 years earlier in Fresno
* Found a missing 9 year old boy in downtown Los Angeles and returned him to his family
* Located San Francisco business owner hiding in Russia in time for his deposition

Domestic Cases

* Successfully completed dozens of domestic cases, involving discovery of unfaithful spouses and other
   spousal matters
* Located information on a care giver allowing the family to act against her before assets had been stolen in
* Discovered spouse was part of a major prostitution ring, allowing other spouse to bring successful court

Business Cases

* Identified employees stealing clients and customers from a major service provider in Los Angeles
* Conducted undercover work at an industrial site and identified drug use and theft in Monterey
* Performed hundreds of background and pre-employment checks for various businesses throughout Central
   California, which identified dozens of criminal records of prospective employees
* Documented 4th story theft of items and products from a major business warehouse in Los Angeles

Dog Attack Civil

* Successfully investigated dozens of cases throughout the country resulting in major awards
* Assisted in obtaining ample settlement Louisiana Case involving small child attacked savagely by pack of pit
* Worked to obtain large award for family of a woman killed by a dog in California
* Obtained evidence crucial to obtain large settlement for dog attack case in Hawaii

Entertainment Cases

* Performed many surveillance, background, security and other services for entertainment personalities and
   their attorneys * Worked on television shows providing services for producers and staff

Out of California Cases

* Have successfully worked cases in Hawaii, Washington, New Mexico, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, New
   York, Virginia, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma,
   Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Michigan

Court Testimony

* Provided testimony in court cases in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Merced, Kern,
   Fresno, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Ventura, Amador and Tuolumne counties

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